Nov 30 2011

Dear EMU Faculty:

Appendix G in our 2010-2012 EMU-AAUP faculty contract required that we negotiate with the EMU Administration a new department head evaluation form and survey instrument.  We have just finished the process.  Both the new survey procedures and form, along with the MOU we signed with the Administration.

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Nov 21 2011

The Central Michigan Faculty Association has rejected the University's "final" contract offer.  Coverage and a comparison of where the sides stand is available in a November 11 article from the Saginaw News.

The "final" offer was based on a state-appointed fact finder's report, which was largely favorable to the CMU administration's position.  More on the fact finder's report is available in a November 1 article from the Saginaw News. 

Updates on negotiations from the CMU Faculty Association can be found on the Faculty Association Crisis Communication Center.

Nov 17 2011

The EMU-AAUP filed an unfair labor practice charge on November 10, 2011 in response to a violation of the terms and conditions of the grievance resolultion regarding the Warner Pool and locker rooms.

Nov 17 2011

The EMU-AAUP chapter voted to support the California Faculty Association's strike at the November chapter meeting.

More information on the strike, which is slated for Thursday, 11/17 can be found at:

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Nov 07 2011 Stateline's article "Drive to reverse SB 5 in Ohio is labor's last best hope for 2011 win" provides an update on what's at stake for labor in the November 8 election.
Oct 25 2011

To date, AAUP, including National AAUP, Ohio state chapters, state chapters and conferences from across the country, and our individual members,  contributed over $600,000 to the We are Ohio campaign to support the right to collective bargaining for public employees in Ohio.  The Michigan Conference contributed $25,000 and individual chapters within Michigan also donated, including EMU, Oakland, and Western Michigan.  A Quinnipiac Poll released this morning indicates that SB 5 is likely to be defeated by Ohio voters.  


More on We are Ohio can be found on the campaign websiteWe Are Ohio is looking for volunteers to phone bank and canvass areas close to the Ohio/Michigan border. Contact Michael Bailey, Executive Director, MI Conference AAUP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  (734) 480-1105 for more information.

Oct 03 2011

Central Michigan University faculty are working without a contract after being forced back to work through a judge's order in September.  Current updates are available through the CMU Faculty Association Crisis Communication Center.  The CMUFA's recent press release captures the current state of negotiations:

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Sep 30 2011

Here is a list provided to us by the EMU administration of the current salaries of the EMU administrators paid from the University's General Fund.  In other words the coaches are not included on this list.

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