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Protecting Academic Freedom

As a member of the American Association of University Professors and a member of the Collective Bargaining Congress, the EMU-AAUP chapter strives to protect the faculty’s right to academic freedom and ensure faculty governance exists and is upheld at Eastern Michigan University.

Faculty Serving Faculty

The EMU-AAUP is the bargaining agent for the full time tenure track faculty of Eastern Michigan University. Since 1974, the EMU-AAUP has had a rich history of negotiating union contracts for the EMU faculty. We have negotiated 15 contracts during our history. This website details many of our financial analysis on faculty compensation and health care costs.
Mar 13 2015

Sue Martin, President 

Eastern Michigan University 

Dear President Martin, 

The Committee on the Status on Women is a standing committee of the American Philosophical Association (APA). As a committee, we write to you to protest the treatment of one of the APA's members, Dr. Margaret Crouch. A Full Professor, Dr. Crouch was subjected to offensive and abusive comments posted by members of her undergraduate class on the internet site, Yik Yak. 

This incident was brought to our attention in a front page article that appeared in The New York Times on Monday, March 9, 2015. We were horrified to learn of this abuse, but outraged at the inaction of Eastern Michigan University despite Dr. Crouch’s complaints. It is no part of the job description of philosophers or of any professional teachers to endure abuse of any kind, much less from their students. Such attitudes as those that gave rise to the abusive comments posted on Yik Yak are the essence of disrespect, and poison the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust needed for serious classroom learning. Moreover, Title IX enjoins institutions to prevent hostile environments and to work to dispel them where they are known to occur. In this matter, Eastern Michigan has failed on multiple counts. The University should act immediately to prevent future recurrences and send the message to all students that such commentary will not be tolerated. We look forward to learning of your plans in this matter. 


Hilde Lindemann 

For the Committee 

Hilde Lindemann, Chair 
Committee on the Status of Women 
Professor of Philosophy 
Michigan State University 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CC: Kim Schatzel, Provost 

Susan Moeller, Union President

Mar 12 2015

An interesting article from Vox about the cost of health care (and who is paying for it).


Click here to read the article

Mar 03 2015

Dear EMU Faculty:

The collective bargaining contract between the EMU-AAUP and EMU expires on August 31, 2015.  As you have hopefully heard from your stewards and bargaining council representatives, Bargaining Council is already in session and working on contract issues.  Attached to this email is the list of Bargaining Council representatives.

Read more: EMU-AAUP/EMU Contract Negotiations Update
Mar 03 2015

Dear EMU Faculty Colleagues:

One particular item that the EMU-AAUP will address in negotiations is faculty and student safety in the classroom and our ongoing disagreement with the administration's understanding and handling of the matter. The administration's position was articulated in the Provost's most recent email (February 17) to the faculty as is discussed below.  Although we are pleased that the Provost finally communicated with the faculty about this situation, we have concerns with the additional comments and interpretations on faculty and student safety as evidenced in her email.

In discussions with the Provost, and based on her comments in a recent Senate meeting, it appears that she believes that the faculty need to put more 'rules' in their syllabi to cover disruptive student behavior and the outcome of such behavior to be imposed by a faculty member.  The Provost wants the EMU administration to have cover if a faculty member demands that a student be removed from their classes.  

Read more: Message on Classroom Student Conduct - Response to Provost's Email

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