EMU Faculty Union Statement Supporting Student Protests at EMU

PRESS RELEASE: Eastern Michigan University American Association of University Professors (EMU- AAUP)

Eastern Michigan Faculty Union statement supporting student protests at EMU

Ypsilanti, Mich., November 11, 2016

The EMU-AAUP strongly opposes the EMU administration’s bringing potential discipline against student protestors who have simply exercised their basic constitutional rights to speak out against racism on our campus. The charges and any potential discipline should be dropped immediately.

There have been numerous instances of racist graffiti and intimidation on the EMU campus, and many of our students are peacefully protesting the administration’s lack of response and appreciation of how serious this situation is. It has gotten to the point where students of color do not feel welcome at Eastern Michigan, and this has got to change.

Instead of supporting our students of color, the administration has taken the draconian action of calling the students up on charges for staying in a building after hours, even threatening the students with explusion. This is simply inappropriate and unacceptable, and these charges need to be terminated.

The EMU-AAUP has taken a public position on WEMU opposing the administration in charging the students, and we encourage faculty to attend our teach in on Monday, November 14th. There is a petition named:
End the Persecution of Eastern Michigan University Protestors, and we encourage our members to go to this site and sign the petition

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/335/958/109/end-persecution-of-eastern-michigan-university- student-protesters/?taf_id=30577212&cid=fb_na#bbfb=231705370

Jacob Altman